Aims & Objectives

To promote the advancement of Power Engineering and allied subjects & their applications and to provide facilities for the exchange of information and ideas on those subjects amongst the members of The Society and for that purpose:

  • To hold meetings for periodical lectures by distinguished persons in engineering, Science, Industry, Medicine, Art etc.
  • To hold meetings for the reading and discussion of communications or papers.
  • To arrange Workshop, Seminars to update the knowledge of the Society Members.
  • To provide platform to manufacturers for technical presentation of their products.
  • To promote the research work and reward the same.
  • To print, publish, lend or distribute the priced proceedings, reports of the society, technical papers, communications, works or treatise on power engineering, power / energy management or its applications on allied subjects.
  • To form a library of books, pamphlets, works or manuscripts relating to power engineering or its applications on allied subjects.
  • To encourage the operation of facilities to promote research and invention in power engineering or in its application including environment pollution and energy conservation.
  • To promote cause of power engineers / power managers by all constitutional means.
  • To promote and carryout energy conservation, energy audits, efficiency optimization studies and may charge suitable fees for this purpose.
  • To provide consultancy.
  • To foster such activity as would be conducive to the fulfillment of above objectives.
  • To arrange study tours for members.
  • To provide guidance to engineering students.
  • To distribute priced publications of CBI & P, New Delhi.
  • To acquire, own, use and dispose of any property by all lawful methods and to raise, hold and disburse funds in the interest of the above purposes.
  • To render helping hand to utilities in crisis or disaster like earth quake, Flood, Cyclone etc.